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Waterproof Double White LED Light with Black Silicone holder for Bicycle

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Are you still worried that you cannot bike at night? Are you still worried about you not being able to go camping, hiking and other outdoor activities in the absence of good illumination tools in the dark? No worries about that problem.  The bicycle light is easy to carry because it's lightweight, easy to install and can take off from your bicycle. It can emit extremely brilliant LED light which lights up your world.

Light up the flashlight by pressing the button on the back.
For best performance, do not mix old and new batteries or ones with different types.
It has 2 LED bulbs which features high bright and stable light, durable in use.
A good helper for riding, camping and hiking.
With sophisticated technology and fashion in appearance.
High brightness LED lights, the service life of flashlight exceeds 100000 hours, and rarely needs replacing.
Designed with the waterproof, vibration-resistant and prevent-falling, it can be used in various circumstances.

Key Features
Bicycle Light
2 x CR2032 battery (not included)
Function Waterproof
4 Switch Mode
Full light, flash, slow flash, off
Light Color White
Button One-Touch switch design, easy operation
Body Material Flexible waterproof silicone
Lit Time All the sustainable use of light 35 hours
Scintillation sustainable use of 160 hours
Product Color Black
Service Life 100,000 hours
Weight 0.78oz
You can use it for Outdoor activities, like biking / hiking
Package Includes:
1 x Waterproof Double White LED Light with Black Silicone for Bicycle

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