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Bike Alarm Lock Security Sound Loud - Free Shipping

Traditional chains, padlocks and U Locks only do half a job and can be pretty easily removed by those who know how, but even the sight of this alarm will have even the most determined of thieves thinking twice.If your bike is moved, the alarm will spring into action and give off an ear-shattering shriek for 15 seconds. No thief will want to hang around when this alarm goes off. 3 sensitivity levels allow you to determine how much movement is needed to trigger the alarm. When triggered, alarm had already sounded for 5 times, If triggered again within 5 seconds , it will sound continuously for 15 seconds.

4 digital code
Adopt micro-computer technique. Has High-Middle-Lower sensitivity to choose from
Quiver trigged, security and sevisitivity
Low power consumption to allow the battery a long life
Easy to installation and DIY
Waterproof: Attach permanently to your bike without worrying about having to remove it in bad weather

Color Black
Dimensions 3.8" x 1.4" x 2.4"
Power supply 1 x 6F22 9V battery( No include )
Package Includes
1 x Motorbike Alarm Security Bicycle Lock Moped Bike
3 x Screws
1 x Use Instruction

Extra Info
1. Default code"ABCA"

2. Code change. When the unit will not work Press the "A" for 3 seconds and you will hear a short "beep" sound, input old code, you will hear 2 beeps sound if correct. Then you should input your 4 digit new code no later than 5 seconds, then you will hear 2 beeps if successful. If you input the wrong old code or failed to change the code you will hear a long "beep". When you romove the battery, the code will revert back to the history (ABCA).

3. The key pad will be locked for minutes if you input the wrong code 4 times in succession, and will resume 3 minutes later.

4. To set the alarm: Press B for 2 seconds, you will hear 1 beep if successful and it will arm 5 seconds after the beep.

5. To disam the alarm, jusrt enter your 4 digit code and you will hear 2 beeps to confirm that the code has been accepted 6....7...8...(If you want to know more, please see the instruction manual.

P/N TM-86TT5352


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